Music Supplies and Accessories

Greg has a relationship with wholesale music supply sources, and can therefore get supplies at deep discounts over retail. (He still has to make a profit, though!) We have found it impractical and expensive to try to keep retail supplies in stock, so we periodically place large supply orders. If you are coming for a repair or for lessons, we usually have a few tuners, metronomes, swabs, etc. on hand, if you need one.

If you are a church, school, teaching studio, or large musical group, and need a large quantity of something, we can usually get it at a substantial savings over full retail outlets. This could include music stands, instrument stands, folders, reeds, mouthpieces, lubricants, swabs, strings, tuners and metronomes, and certain audio gear. Call for a quote, and see how our price compares to other sources.

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