Nancy and I are definitely "recording-challenged." We'll get our own done eventually. In the mean time, you can hear us on other people's recordings, listed below.

Andy Brown, piano

Album: And We Go On

"Heart-felt, personal reflections on piano and guitar that inspire the imagination and are healing to the soul."

Andy is our son, and recorded this CD at age 17 that will knock your socks off. If you like Jim Brickman or George Winston, you'll love this. He plays solo piano, 2 tracks on solo guitar, and a duet with Greg on guitar and hammered dulcimer: "Peace" (track 13). You can purchase the whole album, or individual tracks at



Cynthia Lynn, violin, piano and other assorted instruments

Album: Cynthia and Friends: The Music Box

Cindy is a good friend with whom we have done many concerts and weddings. She's a superb musician, easy to work with, and we always seem to create a special musical synergy together. We are on three tracks on this CD, Greg on hammered dulcimer, and Nancy on oboe and recorders:

2. Haste to the Wedding/Kesh Jig

17. Greenslives

19. Childgrove/Planxty Fanny Po'er/Torranto

You can purchase the whole album, or individual tracks at

Check out Cindy's website at:

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