Woodwind Repairs - Specializing in all reed instruments

Greg repairs all woodwinds, from simple adjustments and key regulation, to complete repads and overhauls. My rate is $50.00/hour, and most repairs are billed on labor, + supplies. Recognizing that every instrument and its repair needs are unique, sample charges for various categories of repairs could be:

1. Your instrument was recently working, now it isn't anymore. Maybe a pad is leaking, a cork has fallen off, and keys are out of regulation: $25-$50.

2. You bent a key, now it is binding. $25-$75 or more, depending on severity of bent metal.

3. Your instrument has cracked!! Oh no! $50-$100 or more, depending on severity of crack.

4. Overhauls:

clarinet - $150-175.

oboe - $200-300

saxophones - $250-350

bassoon - $300-500

flutes - I do only basic repairs on flutes, such as replace a pad, regulate and adjust keys, replace a key cork. I will refer you to other repair technicians for flute overhauls.

Brass - (trumpets, trombones, tubas, french horns). I don't have the tooling and supplies to do brass repairs.

Let me know what your repair needs are, and I'll be glad to work with you.

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